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About The W3LL Team

Brandon Howard – UI/UX Designer, Mindful Economist

Aliki Kostopoulou – Architect & mindfulness ambassador

Ben Simon-Thomas – Entrepreneur & ecosystem developer: creating platforms to solve problems.

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ASSESS & PERSONALIZATION. When you sign up, you complete a personal profile that helps us connect you with WELLBEING products and services that fit your needs and budget. 


MEASUREMENT & FEEDBACK. We measure your progress to drive personalization and improve engagement.


LISTING OF WELLBEING PRODUCTS & SERVICE. W3LL knows the wellbeing space. We partner with Wisdom 2.0, Transformational Technology and other pioneers to provide you with the tools that you need for better emotional health

INSIGHTS. Real-time reporting and insights from the W3LL Marketplace community help us understand what works when, and for who! We are constantly improving our recommendation engine.


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Complete a profile that determines your WQ (Well-Being-Quotient) – a measure of your well being. 


Based on WQ, W3LL matches you with products and services designed to meet your needs and budget. 

3 – Measure

Real-time reporting and insights from the W3LL marketplace community help us understand what works when, and for who! We are constantly improving the W3LL AI engine. 

 “My daughter isn’t even three yet and she’s on the autism spectrum. She suffers from terrible mood swings that take her 30 minutes to calm down from. No one wants to experiment on an infant and I don’t know where to turn for ideas.

I asked W3LL if they could help.

They had recommendations ranging from sound and light apps we could download on our phones, to nearby therapists I was completely unaware of.

W3LL keeps us on track with appointments and helps us monitor my daughter’s mental health. We’re seeing and improvements already.”

Lucky Dad

Chief Executive Officer | Box Em Up

“I played college soccer and continue to suffer from past injuries and surgeries. The meds my doc gave literally drove me insane. I’ve tried meditation and yoga, but I don’t have time and I don’t sit still very well. 

So W3LL, what can you do for me?

I linked my profiles. Answered some questions. Played with some picture puzzles. I was SHOCKED at my WQ! But I loved it. I couldn’t believe my empathy network. I love that I can control how much I want to share with all my W3LL buddies!

Lucky Girl

Brand Expert | Mantell Design

Wellness wasn’t something I grew up knowing about. And quite frankly, I don’t have the time to learn about it now. I get that it’s important, but I don’t need another thing on my plate.

I’m grateful for W3LL. It’s smart enough to know how to squeeze wellness into my days without it feeling like an intrusion. And the suggestions it has for me are completely different than my colleagues’.

We’ve got a couple of contests going on W3LL. Their games make for less awkward conversations during lunch. I know a lot more about my team and they know a lot more about me.

Mr. Busy

Support Staff | Gerwyn Financial